When the Minority Rules and the Press Doesn’t Matter Any More


In the United States the majority rules and the minority holds the majority in check.

In the United States the press holds the government accountable.

According to historian Christopher P. Browning, neither of these things are happening in the age of Trump.

Here is a taste of his recent piece at Vox:

I am bewildered how to conduct political discourse and persuasion — about how to conduct politics, in short — when each political tribe lives in its own reality, increasingly incomprehensible to the other, and with no agreed-upon standards and measures concerning how we might ascertain facts and truth, much less agreement on even the desirability and relevance of such an effort.

Sadly, our democracy is challenged not just by the fraying of a democratic political culture through ever-intensifying polarization and demise of traditional norms. It is also challenged by a basic collapse of two vital institutions: rule through electoral majorities and a free media. That is the predicament we face today.

Read the entire piece here.