Executive Orders: Some Historical Perspective

Since we are talking a lot about Donald Trump’s executive orders I think it is worth getting some historical perspective.  A recently released Pew study finds that Barack Obama averaged fewer executive orders per year in office than any U.S. president in 120 years.  This puts Trump’s claim that Obama’s orders were “illegal and overreaching” into some context.


3 thoughts on “Executive Orders: Some Historical Perspective

  1. The suggestion that you (presumably) disagreed with many of “Obama’s Executive Orders” doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he issued relatively few of them compared to most other former presidents. It doesn’t “change everything” with respect to the central point of the article. And, it certainly doesn’t validate the oft-repeated “alternative” falsehood that President Obama issued more than others in presidential history.


  2. I’ve seen a number of posts online by Trump supporters claiming that Obama issued more Executive Orders than any President in history. So how do you respond to those who refuse to accept reality and continue to push Alternative Facts in support of Trump?


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