So What CAN You Do With a History Major?

got-historyThis year I am hoping to do some more interviews in our  “So What CAN You Do With a History Major?”  series.

Were you a history major in college? If so, what are you doing today? How have you put your history major to use in the marketplace? I am interested in hearing from history majors who have used their college history training, and the skills acquired from such training,  in a variety of fields and jobs.

NOTE: If we have already featured a post on a person doing something similar to you feel free to send in your story anyway. All of our vocational pilgrimages are different, even when we end up in relatively the same place. In other words, our readers can learn something from you!

One thought on “So What CAN You Do With a History Major?

  1. I wasn’t a history major, but I was a philosophy major. What to do with a degree in philosophy: I indexed brand new books in that field, freelance, for 14 years, until I retired. It was the best, most interesting, and least stressful job I ever had, and I loved it. Other indexers focussed on history, and I sensed that they enjoyed that field too. Indexers these days use software that supports the thinking and organization that the indexer does (but it doesn’t think for or instead of the indexer…). American Society for Indexing, Martha Osgood


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