Peter Steinfels on the Russian Dossier and the Press


Over at dotCommonweal Peter Steinfels has some good thoughts about the way the press has handled the entire Russian dossier affair.

A taste:

Donald Trump is who he is.  Despite all the wishful thinking, there is no inner “presidential” Trump about to emerge on January 20.  That’s the main lesson to take away from his press-conference exercise in free-association, misrepresentation, diversionary attacks, and calculated indignation.  But here are two further thoughts: 

The news media: Media condemnation’s of BuzzFeed’s online publication of 35 pages of unverified and in some cases salacious charges have come from every direction.  It is hard to imagine that if Breitbart had possessed such a dossier on Hillary Clinton, it would have waited until after the election to publish it.  But that’s the least of the matter. 

We now know that this dossier of unverified charges was floating around Washington for months.  Not only were intelligence agencies looking into them, which was their responsibility, but so were reporters from major news media.  It is in fact a tribute to the mainstream media that, not being able to verify the charges, no one published any of this material.  Neither political nor profit-making motives outweighed professional standards.   Trump himself adverted to this in his opening remarks, although the point was soon lost in his routine anti-media bluster and whining. 

The press is going to play an important role during this administration.