Donald Trump and the B Street Band

I just learned today that a Bruce Springsteen cover band called “The B Street Band” will perform at the Garden State Gala, one of Donald Trump’s inauguration balls. Here is a taste of a piece at Consequence of Sound:

Billed as the #1 Springsteen tribute band, The B Street Band are scheduled to headline the January 19th event at the Washington Court Hotel. New Jersey governor and noted Springsteen super fan Chris Christie is an honorary chair of the ball, so you can probably count on him drunkenly stumbling on stage to sing “Thunder Road” at some point during the evening. (He previously hired the B Street Band to perform at his own inauguration ball after the Springsteen turned him down.)

How does Springsteen, a staunch liberal who is openly critical of the president-elect, feel about his music being played at a Trump inaugural ball? We reached out to his reps for comment, but have yet to hear back.

Read the entire piece here and then listen to the B Street Band perform “Promised Land.” Not bad.

One thought on “Donald Trump and the B Street Band

  1. What is it about these plutocratic politicians that draw them to the music of a champion of the working man (& woman), the oppressed working class of America? Are they like the folks in the Reagan campaign who only cynically hear what they want to hear (the Born in the USA debacle) or have they deluded themselves into believing they are actually the champions of the working class? Maybe we can send Christie & Trump a book of the lyrics of Springsteen. Okay, Trump doesn’t read but one of his aides can read it to him. I wonder if Putin also loves The Boss…


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