If I Were in Denver This Weekend…

You would probably find me at some of these #aha17 sessions:

What’s New in Federal Humanities Funding: NEH Special Initiatives, Programs, and Grant Opportunities for Historians (Jennifer Serventi, Daniel Sack)

Writing History, Part 1: Writing for Readers in the 21st Century–For Love, Money, and Applause (Rachel Toor, Timothy Bent, Alane Mason, Jennifer Ruark, Alex Starr, Wendy J. Strothman)

History Engagement: Four Career Diversity Models for Developing History Doctoral Internships (Jennifer McPherson, Michael Kideckel, Michelle Martin, Carrie Sanders, Caroline Sequin)

A Retrospective on Tuning: Where We Have Been and Where We Should Go? (Norman Jones, Elaine Carey, Paul Gaston, Anne Hyde, Elizabeth Lehfeldt, Daniel McInerney)

Is Collaboration Worth It?: A Roundtable Discussion (Seth Denbo, Paul Harvey, Ed Blum, Vanessa Holden, Jessica Johnson, Joseph Locke, Ben Wright)


Uses of Church History in America, 1850-1950 (Brendan Pietsch, Paul Gutacker, Elizabeth Clark, Matthew Bowman)

Cultivating Majors: Tuning, Transfer, and Lessons Learned (Laura Dull, Norman Jones, K. Kent McGaughy, Marianne Woceck)

Does the Reformation Still Matter? American Global, and Early Modern Perspectives: A Roundtable (David Whitford, Mark Noll, Dana Robert, Merry Wiesner-Hanks)

Sacred Answers to Secular Questions: Religious Critiques of Democratic Politics in Antebellum America (Michael Pasquier, Tara Strauch, Spencer McBride, Benjamin Park)

The Jefferson County Showdown over the Advanced Placement US History Test: A Second Change for a Failed Dialogue (Patricia Limerick, James Sabathne, Stephanie Rossi, Bradley Birzer, Dedra Birzer, Fritz Fischer, Jonathan Chu)

God’s Kingdom in the American Republic: New Studies in Region, Religion, and Revolution (Sam Haselby, Sara Georgini, Roy Rogers, Benjamin Park)

Catholicism and Americanism in the 19th Century: New Perspectives on an Old Debate (Katie Oxx, Luke Ritter, Erin Bartram, William Cossen)

The Future of Evangelicalism in America: A Roundtable (Mark Silk, Candy Gunther Brown, Michael Hamilton, Chris Armstrong, Roger Olson, Timothy Tseng)

Candid Conversations: Mentorship in the Humanities (Beth Greene, Brian Balogh, Emily Greenwald, Marc Johnston, Manisha Sinha)

Early American History and the New Digital Archive: A Roundtable Discussion (Max Edelson, Craig Gallagher, Patrick Griffin, Molly Hardy)

Historical Thinking and the History Survey Course: K-16 Perspectives (Tim Keirn, Peter Burkholder, Gail Hamilton, Rebecca Hayes, Justin McNamara)

The Grass is Greener Where You Water It: Recruitment and Retention in the Undergraduate History Major (Catherine O’Donnell, Alima Bucciantini, Joseph Cope, Jessica Klanderud, Jay Price)