“One of the Great Curses of Our Time is Well Trained Uneducated People”


Over at dotCommonweal, someone who goes by the name “unagidon” writes:

Education is a bit hard to define, but training is not.  When they tell you to go to college to get a “marketable skill”; when they tell you that the smart kids major in “business”, finance, accounting, or law, they’re talking about training.  When they tell you that you need to focus on certain things in order to get a good job, whether as a professor, dentist, geologist, chemist or whatever, that too is training.

Training is absolutely essential of course and it is a very bad idea to think of education and training as an either/or proposition.  But training without an education is very bad.  One of the great curses of our time is well trained uneducated people.  Uneducated well trained people are setting themselves up to be slaves, no matter how much money they make.  (If you don’t think that this can happen, many of the most important executives in ancient Rome, China, the Ottoman Empire, Byzantium etc. were also slaves).

“Unagidon” continues:

“…once one opens oneself to knowledge one has to cultivate a love of it.  Love is joy (and who doesn’t want to cultivate joy?) but it also entails work, sacrifice, and willing suffering.  (These are aspects of love that we do not talk about very much these days.  But Bloom did).

A thing about love is that it’s never complete and loving with its never ending incompleteness is an end in itself.  Its object is always being revealed anew.  This contrasts with training, which strives for crystal clarity and up-to-datedness and a belief in completeness, which is why it is so many control freaks mistake it for an education.

As you can see, it’s a tough message for the children.  When they pick a college they do need to make savvy choices on the training they think they will need.  But regarding an education, they should look for specific teachers or, even better, a program with more than one good teachers.  A good library is also a plus.

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One thought on ““One of the Great Curses of Our Time is Well Trained Uneducated People”

  1. Education–“sophistication”–is quite the two-edged sword. The bloodthirsty 20th century was the product of modernity’s infinite supply of new and bad ideas. The destruction continues apace, albeit more pallidly and polite.

    This recent essay by RJ Snell is making the rounds, deservedly.


    The barbarism of the guests was hidden behind advanced degrees, prestigious university chairs, multiple languages, and well-appointed townhomes in fashionable zip codes. Doctors, attorneys, professors—privileged, comfortable, respectable, and free of any pangs of conscience.

    Ryszard Legutko observes in The Demon in Democracy that the cultured despisers of religion will not rest until they have leveled every aspect of human life. He explains their ambitions: “Not only should the state and the economy be liberal, but the entire society as well, including ethics and mores, family, churches, schools, universities, community organizations, culture, and even human sentiments and aspirations.” Nothing must remain of the old tradition’s desire for excellence, transcendence, beauty, and hierarchy. The stubborn proponents of that tradition are thus “extremely dangerous as preserving the remnants of old authoritarianisms”—and they should be “treated with the harshness they deserve.”

    Our elites are characterized by their pursuit of de-creation—an unending total war against the sacred order and its adherents…


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