Music and the U.S. Survey

I have not taught the second half (1865-present) of the United States survey course in over fifteen years.  My former students at Valparaiso University might remember me coming into class with a small boom-box and playing music as I lectured. But since arriving at Messiah College and focusing solely on the first half of the survey, I have, for the most part, put my boom box away. (Having said that, I used to play a lot of music in my “Immigrant America” course, but I have not taught it in several years).

I got a bit nostalgic about the second half of the U.S. survey when I read Patrick Iber’s post at the “Teaching United States History” blog.  It is titled “The Soundtrack of the Survey, 1865-Present.”

Here is part of Iber’s soundtrack:

The Civil War:

  • Battle Cry of Freedom, (Battle Cry of Freedom has both Union and Confederate versions, so students can compare the different meanings of freedom that each gives to the cause.)


Capital and Labor:

Women’s emancipation,

Jim Crow:

World War I:

Roaring 1920s:

The Great Depression:

The New Deal:

World War II

Read the rest here.