4 thoughts on “E.J. Dionne Asks Catholic Bishops to Take a Stronger Stand Against Trump

  1. Addressing more specifics of your post:

    No, I haven’t had to deal with any of the Trump fallout in my community or workplace. While Trump won easily in TN, the Memphis area has a large minority population (somewhere between 45-50% if I recall correctly), but I can’t say I’ve seen or encountered any fallout.

    I’ve worked at the same large company for a long time, but never had political discussions with co-workers to any significant degree nor heard politics discussed to any significant length. I live in a diverse neighborhood of blacks, whites, Indians, Asians and Middle East. We’ve got an Islamic center less than a mile from the house. There haven’t been any cross or church burnings yet and the Islamic center hasn’t been torched as of this morning. No uptick in random acts of vandalism that I’ve heard.

    About the only “fallout” I’ve actually encountered personally – if one can call it a personal “encounter” – is to read my (progressive) cousin’s FB post about her daughter (white mom and Phillipino father) going to school and crying with her Hispanic friends because they were afraid of getting deported (even though they are LEGAL immigrants – or should I say “documented immigrants”?).

    I also found all the right’s fuss over the cast of “Hamilton” calling out Pence to be “much ado about nothing”. It was rather ironic to find out much of the cast hadn’t bothered to vote much in past elections, but nor did I find many right-sided “news” sources making mention that the actor welcomed Pence and stated “there is nothing to boo here”. However, I at least understood why they felt they needed to say what they did, even if I think all these “fears” are more the work of the “yellow journalism” of the day than based on anything of substance.

    All these “journalists” stirring up these fears are the same folks who thought how Romney transported a dog some 30 years ago was something relevant to a presidential election and went to lengths to dig up some claim of bullying from a high school associate.


  2. I don’t claim to have anything figured out, other than taking issue with “news” organizations attempting to churn up fears over 200 people showing up for something as indicative of a far-ranging problem as a bit overblown. “Alt-right”, “neocons”….I still haven’t figured out what a “neocon” is other than a pejorative for anyone that might have been a Bush supporter. “Alt right” will probably play the same role for anybody not vocally opposed to Trump for the next 4 years.

    I don’t dismiss the fears, only the attempt at stirring up fears over 200 people showing up for something that would have gone unnoticed at any point before election day.


  3. Ed: Sounds like you have it all figured out, but I think many people might be able to pull the “it’s this kind of stuff” line on you as well. It’s these kinds of comments–posts insensitive to the fears some have of a Trump administration and its links to the alt-right–that only create more division and fear. I don’t know you well, Ed, so I don’t know if you have had to deal with any of the Trump fallout in your community or workplace, but where I teach we have students of color who are worried about the racist taunts they are getting from fellow students who support Trump and wonder about their future in America–as Americans–in the wake of Trump’s campaign rhetoric, his connection to Bannon, and the fact that groups like this seem empowered by the election of Trump. We have children of undocumented immigrants who are worried that their parents are going to be taken deported. We have international students who are unclear about their future. The alt-right threat may seem silly to you, but it is not to many people who cross my path every day.


  4. Is the “doubled attendance” from past years the 200 figure I saw in other reports? It DOUBLED to 200 people in a nation of 310,000,000+ people? Really, THIS is “news”? A gathering of 200 people gets a few folks worked into a hand-wringing tizzy and a need to call for some group to “condemn” 200 out of 310 million? Some folks need to get a life or stop peddling solutions looking for a problem.

    If you wonder why some people voted for Trump, it’s this kind of stuff, and I can hardly blame them. 200 people show up for a white nationalist meeting in D.C., talk floats around of attendance “doubling” from last year, and articles are posted about the need for so-and-so to make statements. As one writer noted, THOUSANDS of folks show up for a pro-life march in D.C. every year and the press takes little. But 200 wackos show up for an “alt right” meeting, well, we see what happens.

    There may be some legitimate need to take issue with Trump, but this is “alt right” stuff is already getting ridiculous and the election is not 3 weeks past.


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