Bruce Springsteen Talks About His Memoir

Born to RunOver at the blog of E Street Radio, Springsteen chats with Dave Marsh and Jim Rotolo about writing Born to Run.  H

Here is a taste:

If you still had questions about Bruce Springsteen after reading his autobiography Born To Run, Dave Marsh and Jim Rotolo have attempted to get to the bottom of them in an exclusive, in-depth interview with the man himself on E Street Radio.

Named after his iconic 1975 album and song, Born To Run, the autobiography was released on Sept. 27 and has received critical acclaim. With the success of his book thus far, Marsh and Rotolo were curious if Springsteen ever planned to write a follow-up. His answer? Probably not.

“Not really, I think that’s my swan song. I had one story and I told it. But if something else came up, it would need to touch me as deeply [as the first one],” he explained. “Like they say, you write one book, and it’s like your first album. You’ve got 20-something years or 67 years to call upon and look back on. You write a second book or a second record, you’ve got about six months or a year. Yeah, I don’t know if I’d write again, but I wouldn’t discount it. I did enjoy it very much and if something came up, I’d do it.”

Read the whole interview here, including some interview clips.