David Brooks Nails It

9489b-brooks_new-blog427In case you didn’t watch the video I posted earlier today.

We had a lot of good things over the years that were really good for America.  I think globalization has been really good for America.  I think the influx of immigrants has been really good for America.  Feminism has been really good for America.  But there are a lot of people who used to be ‘up’ in society, [but] because of those three good things are now down–a lot of high school-educated white guys.  And they’ve been displaced.  Shame on us for not paying attention to that and helping them out. As a result, they were alienated, they got super cynical, because they really were being shafted.  And so they reacted in an angry way.  That’s not a shock considering the last thirty or fifty years of American history.  So for us going forward its not to reverse the dynamism of American society and the diversity, but it’s to pay attention to the people who are being ruined by it so this doesn’t happen again.

David Brooks on PBS News Hour

5 thoughts on “David Brooks Nails It

  1. The point is it’s the same old narrative, and by mentioning race, the insinuation is that racism is involved, that’s it’s a necessary component. That’s BS. I wish NYT and NPR would ask the right questions, is all. The real story is why blacks aren’t angry at the same people as the whites.


    Without a monolithic black vote the Dems are out of business. That is the statistical anomaly here. But it goes unmentioned because it doesn’t fit the narrative.


  2. Conservative dismisses any and all comments from the NYT and NPR. What if “telling liberals what they want to hear” is just attempting to meet in the middle?! At least pretend that you can see validity in outlets outside of your self-approved “conservative” ones.


  3. Tom: I didn’t see many black Americans at the Trump rally I attended in Virginia Beach last month. Brooks’s analysis describes every Trump voter I have met and talked with.


  4. A google of “angry white men” and “Trump” yields all the usual risible suspects. The secret of “conservative” David Brooks’ success [NYT, NPR] is telling liberals what they want to hear.

    Though actually, without fanning the flames of black anger and alienation, it’s the Democratic Party that’s no longer competitive as a national party. Black America is affected by the same ills as “white” America–indeed the saw is that when white America catches a cold, black America gets a fever–but by refocusing their anger away from the Obama administration’s economic failures


    and Hillary’s corruption, the day may still be won.


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