One thought on “Donald Trump “Tells It Like It Is”

  1. I believe Mike Pence is correct. We know what Trump thinks of women, African-Americans, Hispanics, foreigners, Muslims, atheists, etc. The Trump Tape released today wasn’t a surprise if you’ve been conscious the past year. Trump grew up in wealth and privilege where women were treated as objects, commodities, play things, there for his pleasure and amusement and then to be tossed aside when he lost interest. I’ve seen Trump Apologists saying that the tape was nothing more than typical locker room talk and that all men are like this. I played football in high school and we never said the things Trump did inside or outside of the locker room. I wasn’t born into wealth and power, so I couldn’t buy women by taking them shopping. I was never in a position to think of women as objects there to serve me. I’m sure this type of misogyny is alive and well out there but to claim it is “normal” is pretty surprising and tragic. That makes all men sound like shallow pigs with no sense of ethics or morality. The strongest person I ever knew was my grandmother. She would have kicked Trump’s arse if he ever talked like that in front of her. So what does it take for Trump’s supporters to acknowledge what an amoral man he is? I can’t believe this is 2016 and a major party candidate for President speaks, thinks and behaves like this.


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