HIST 342 Takes Philly By Storm!

One of the great joys of teaching the American Revolution in Pennsylvania is taking my students to Philadelphia. On a good traffic day we can get to Philly from Mechanicsburg, in less than two hours.

Today ten students from my Revolutionary America class (HIST 342) joined me on a tour of the City of Brotherly Love.  Our time was limited, and we thus had to move quickly, but we still managed to see Welcome Park, City Tavern, the Powell House (outside only), the Kosciuszko National Memorial (outside only), St. Peter’s Church, the First National Bank (outside only, after a brief stop at the location of Alexander Hamilton’s Philadelphia home), the location of the Museum of the American Revolution (opening in April 2017), Carpenter’s Hall, Ben Franklin Court, the American Philosophical Society, Independence Hall (we also got a tour of the second floor!), and Congress Hall.  (And I am sure I missed a few things).

Here are some pics:


My students piled into the Powell family pew at St. Peter’s Church.  George Washington occasionally used this pew when he attended St. Peter’s.  They all look like good Anglicans!  


On the steps of Carpenter’s Hall, the site of the First Continental Congress (1774).  Notice the Flemish Bond!


Group selfie before our tour of the Pennsylvania State House (after 1824 they started calling it Independence Hall).  We got to see the second floor governor’s room.


After spending a year writing The Bible Cause: A History of the American Bible Society (Oxford University Press, April 2016) I couldn’t resist stopping by 5th and Market and taking  this selfie.