The Reach of the Princeton Seminar Extends to Shelby County, Alabama!

Ann Jay

If you read The Way of Improvement Leads Home regularly you know that for the past three summers I have spent a week in Princeton, New Jersey leading a week-long seminar for teachers on the subject of colonial America.  The seminar is sponsored by The Gilder-Lehrman Institute of America History and it draws history teachers from around the country.

This year one of our more enthusiastic and engaged participants was Ann Jay Harrison, a veteran fifth-grade social studies teacher from Shelby County, Alabama.  It was a pleasure getting to know her.  I was inspired by her zeal for learning and her love of history.

My introduction to Ann Jay came through this tweet, written about a week before the seminar began:

And then there was this tweet from back in May:

I didn’t think too much about this tweet until the seminar began and I learned that Ann Jay has a side business AS A TRAVEL AGENT!!!!! 🙂

When Ann Jay returned home after the seminar she did an interview about her experience with The Shelby County Reporter.

Here is a taste:

When Thompson Intermediate School fifth-grade teacher Ann Jay Harrison began the 2016-2017 school year on August 11, she said she had a renewed passion for what she was doing.

“This is my 26th year teaching.  All of a sudden, I am so excited again about teaching in the classroom,” Harrison said.  “It definitely renewed my passion.”

From July 24-29, Harrison was one of only 35 teachers from across the nation who was chosen to attend a Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History at Princeton University.

The seminar focused on American history before the Revolutionary War, and sought to strengthen teachers’ use of promoting primary sources in their students’ work.

Read the rest here.

I should also add that most of the credit for Ann Jay’s experience with primary sources belongs to my partner-in-crime Nathan McAlister, the Princeton Seminar’s master teacher and coordinator.

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  1. Thanks, Ann Jay. I tried to imagine your infectious laughter at the travel agent line! I hope the school year is off to a good start. It sounds like it is!


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