David Barton’s List of Safe Colleges and Universities


David Barton recommends Oral Roberts University

Warren Throckmorton has some context here.

What colleges or universities does WallBuilders recommend?

There are many good institutions of higher learning whose educational approach is not only academically excellent but is also consistent with traditional conservative moral, religious, and constitutional values. The listings below include some of these schools. (Recommendations do not necessarily mean that WallBuilders agrees with everything taught at these schools, nor with every professor who teaches there.) This list is definitely not exhaustive, but it does include many schools with whom we have actively cooperated.

Here are the schools:

This is pretty narrow list of schools.  I am not sure about why these schools were selected, but I would love to hear the members of the history departments at these schools talk about the work of Barton.  If you are a member of a history department at one of these schools, and you feel it is safe to speak out, I would love to hear from you.  (I know that I have already heard from some of you in response to previous posts and I realize that there is often a large gap between the views of the faculty on these issues and the views of the administration. Apparently Barton is willing to endorse a school even if all or most of the history professors at that school disagree with him).

Here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home we occasionally posted about Barton’s relationship with some of these schools:

Charis Bible College

Colorado Christian University

Ecclesia College

Louisiana College

Liberty University: Here and here and here and here and here

Patrick Henry College: Here and here

Pensacola Christian College: Here and here and here


For more on Barton click here.

5 thoughts on “David Barton’s List of Safe Colleges and Universities

  1. Hi Mark: Perhaps Darryl Hart could add to this, but I am a bit surprised to see Hillsdale on the list. Conservative, of course. But also intellectual responsible.


  2. Yeah, cringed to see my alma mater Hillsdale on there. Was a history major and in the history and American studies honoraries and never heard of Barton while there. As. Prof. Hart mentioned, though, a number of folks at Hillsdale (especially in admin and external affairs but also among professors and certainly students) due have a rather… sacred and mystical view of the founding period and generation.

    But none of them are cranks, and none of them would try to pretend that Jefferson et al were orthodox Christians.


  3. While you’re talking about Hillsdale, Barton never comes up. Not a serious historian.

    But to be fair, because Hillsdale promotes the Founding and the Constitution (with lots of variety in the reasons for that promotion), Barton’s choice is plausible.


  4. I have taken courses with a few Hillsdale faculty (Mickey Craig, R.J. Pestritto) in the summer graduate program at Ashland University. They are certainly conservative (as is the Ashland History/Political Science faculty), but Barton was never cited once and I would be surprised if they are Bartonites.


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