2 thoughts on “Obama: There is a Larger “Mindset” Behind What Happened in Flint

  1. Oh, wow – what a surprise! Obama makes a case for Big, Bigger and Bigger-than-Ever Gummit. Probably believes “Government IS the highest good, no matter what.” Haven’t seen much evidence to doubt that he doesn’t believe that.

    If David Barton were making such bogus claims in a history related subject, you’d be all over it, CERTAINLY not just posting a video of him making bogus claims without any commentary. Does not appear that you seem to hold quite as high a standard for politics as you do for history.

    Who has said that “less government is best NO MATTER WHAT” or that environmental rules are “optional” or “not that important”? Where can I get a load of this fertilizer for my garden?


  2. The mindset is that government must pay its bills.

    Flint’s extraordinary government spending was the reason for its near-bankruptcy. A more than billion-dollar unfunded pension liability is not a sign of municipal frugality.

    Instead of doing the right thing, the city council voted 7-1 to endanger the water supply rather than risk the wrath of their political base, government employees. This is not a question of infrastructure, which is a one-time expense, it’s the result of a system that perpetuated itself by buying votes and support with money to come from generations still not yet born.

    Unpayable pension obligations are not “investments,” they are cynical political graft.



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