Some Quick Thought On Trump’s Critique of the Primary System

Trump thunbs up

As I watched Trump’s acceptance speech in New York, a few things came to mind:

  1.  Trump is correct.  The primary system is not entirely democratic.  But neither is the federal government as set forth in the United States Constitution.  The spirit of some of the state presidential delegate conventions and caucuses is the same spirit that animated the founders when they framed the Constitution.  Limit the role of the people.  Don’t let them vote directly for POTUS. Don’t let them vote directly for senators.  Don’t let them vote directly for the members of the Supreme Court.  Filter the people’s voice through wise men.
  2. The fact that Trump does not seem to grasp the fact that different states have different systems for distributing delegates, and seems to be clueless about the historical legacy that makes such state systems possible, reveals a basic lack of understanding, or perhaps a denial, of how the system works.
  3. I did not get the exact quote, but during his speech Trump said something like “we need to go back to the way it has always been in our history–the people vote and somebody wins.”  No, Donald.  This is not the way it “has always been in our history.”


2 thoughts on “Some Quick Thought On Trump’s Critique of the Primary System

  1. Trump reminds me of the kid who started playing the game according to the picture on the box and is annoyed when he finds rules under the lid.


  2. It’s funny that a guy trying to be the standard bearer for a party that has made states’ individualism a center part of its creed, is infuriated when states are individualistic.


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