Providence to Harrisburg Playlist

95Here was the playlist for the ride home from the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians in Providence:

Outtakes from Springsteen, The Ties That Bind Box Set

Podcast:  In the Past Lane.  Episode on political primaries

Podcast: Ben Franklin’s World.  Episode with Andrew Schocket on memory and the founding.

Podcast: Ben Franklin’s World. Episode with John D. Wilsey on American exceptionalism

Podcast: Ben Franklin’s World. Episode with Kathleen DuVal

Album: The Very Best of the Doobie Brothers 

Album: Bruce Springsteen, High Hopes

2 thoughts on “Providence to Harrisburg Playlist

  1. I feel bad for the Springsteen fans. I imagine that there are Springsteen fans in North Carolina on both sides of this issue. They are going to miss a great concert.


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