More on the David Barton School of Government

We posted about this before.  (Addendum:  I just learned that the video below is connected to another of Barton school of government that he has formed at Andrew Wommack’s Charis Bible College in Colorado.  The previous post was about the Barton school at Ecclesia College.  Apparently Barton is setting up these schools in multiple places).

Here is some new info:

In case you don’t want to watch the video, let me summarize with some bullet points:

  • Barton talks about his belief in Seven Mountain Dominionism.  By the way, Barton runs Ted Cruz’s super-PAC.
  • Barton says that conservative Christians like himself have “stayed away from government for a long time.”  Seriously?  Barton has been involved in politics for the past thirty years.  So have his followers.
  • Political scientists at secular universities don’t like America and hate the Constitution.
  • The United States Constitution was founded on Judeo-Christian and biblical principles.
  • Most people can’t name the Biblical principles in the United States Constitution
  • The founding fathers got the idea of “separation of powers” comes from Jeremiah 17:9  (“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.  Who can understand it?”)
  • Graduates of the David Barton School of Political Science will “restore the nation” and put it back into a “position where God wants it.”

2 thoughts on “More on the David Barton School of Government

  1. Yes, but the fact that Barton has to set these programs up at these tiny Bible colleges suggests that he influence is waning. His views are certainly out of the mainstream of Christian higher education. Even the most conservative Christian universities–Bob Jones, Liberty, Pensacola, etc…–are not embracing Barton’s views on government. Ecclesia College has less than 200 students (or at least they did in 2013). Charis claims 600 students.


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