7 “Indispensable Christian Academic Twitter Accounts”

d3132-twitter-logo-hashtagChris Gehrz of Bethel University in Minnesota asked his readership at the Pietist Schoolman to share with him “some indispensable Christian academic Twitter accounts.” Here are the results of the survey:

Christena Cleveland (@cscleve) of Duke University

Drew Hart (@druhart), soon to join me on the faculty of Messiah College.  (I should also add that I taught Drew in a U.S. survey course back in the day–before he was famous).

Alan Jacobs (@ayjay) of Baylor University

O. Alan Noble (@thealannoble) of Oklahoma Baptist University

James K.A. Smith (@james_ka-smith) of Calvin College

Alissa Wilkinson (@alissamarie) of The King’s College

Read all about these tweeters here.

Believe it or not, I also made the cut (@johnfea1). Chris had some nice words to say:

If he never did anything on Twitter, I’d still still hope to be John Fea when I grow up: I don’t know any other historian who so adeptly draws on his academic training for the benefit of public audiences, let alone conservative Christian audiences whose Platonic ideal of a historian is often David Barton. But on top of his widely-read blog, acclaimed books, and new podcast series, John’s decision to take a sabbatical during the election year of all election years has resulted in some pretty compelling tweeting as well. There’s no shortage of opinions about politics on Twitter, but John’s refreshing blend of historical context, insightful analysis, irenic engagement, and humor stands out. 

Thanks, Chris.  Now I need to get back on Twitter and follow some of these folks!