2 thoughts on “*Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?* in Philadelphia Next Month

  1. It would depend upon your interpretation of what the word “America” stands for in the question. If it means American people, then they were Christian for the most part, but they were not created. If it means American government, then it is entirely accurate to say it was not created to be a Christian nation. When you refer to myths, that word is also loaded with meaning. Challenging myths is a good idea. Basing beliefs on unfounded assumptions has created a lot of problems in the past as well as today.


  2. Since the host church is ground zero for Methodist socio-religious controversy


    and its umbrella title for this series is American “Myths,” what they’re expecting seems pretty obvious. [In fact, the question asked in the title of the talk, when placed under that umbrella of “myth,” indicates the answer is summarily “no.”]

    Here’s hoping they’re at least a little disappointed at what they hear. 😉


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