A Rubio Recap


Marco Rubio is out of the race.  Over the last several months I have tried to make sense of his campaign.  Here are some of my efforts:

Do GOP Candidates Want Religious Freedom or the Closing of Mosques.  They Can’t Have Both

Marco Rubio’s New Religious Advisers

Rubio’s Appeal to Iowa Evangelicals

GOP Candidates and Their Evangelical Constituencies

When Faith Meets Presidential Politics

Where’ Rubio Went Wrong on Faith and Politics

Evangelicals in Iowa Last Night

Borowitz: Christie Drops Out of the Race So He Can Criticize Rubio Full Time

Image of the Day

Evangelicals are the Prize in South Carolina

The Culture Warriors and Suburban Evangelical Moderates Battle for Second Place in South Carolina

Marco Rubio is Praying the GOP Primary Season Ends This Way

The Tragedy of Marco Rubio

Is Marco Rubio reaping the whirlwind tonight?