The Tragedy of Marco Rubio


Have you had a chance to see Marco Rubio’s stand-up comedy act?  He has been getting a lot of laughs on the campaign trail at the expense of Donald Trump.  When Rubio says that Trump has an orange face, has “small hands,” or wets his pants, the crowds at his rallies go wild.

I recently saw a spokesperson for the Rubio campaign talking about the need for his candidate to “hit back.”  Rubio is trying to beat Trump at his own game–insults and personal attacks.  Many politicos are wondering why he did not do this earlier.

Rubio’s raw ambition has been on display during the last week.  He is desperate.  He is willing to do anything to stop Donald Trump, even if it means getting down in the mud with the GOP front-runner.

It wasn’t too long ago that Rubio was in Iowa and South Carolina trying to paint himself as the evangelical alternative to Trump and Ted Cruz.  What happened to this apparently Christian candidate?

This kind of eye-for-eye campaigning is embarrassing for the GOP.  But it is especially problematic for someone who goes out on the campaign trail and names the name of Jesus Christ.

I imagine that Rubio still thinks he is a Christian candidate.  In a world in which “evangelical” is defined by one’s position on abortion, marriage, and religious liberty for Christians, Rubio remains faithful.  As long as he tows the line on these issues, no matter how he behaves, he can claim the Christian mantle.  On this front, he is no better than Trump.

Rubio appears to be yet another product of the unholy alliance between Republican politics and American evangelicalism that came with the rise of the Christian Right in the 1980s. The leaders of the Christian Right–Falwell, Dobson, LaHaye, Bauer, Kennedy, Perkins, Reed, and Robertson–were successful in politicizing American evangelicalism by boiling it down to two or three moral issues.

I am beginning to wonder if it is possible in this day and age to run for President of the United States and still keep one’s integrity as a Christian.

Maybe Stephen Prothero was right when he said that Jesus would vote for Bernie Sanders.

4 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Marco Rubio

  1. To suggest Jesus would ‘vote’ for any political candidate, let alone Bernie Sanders, is a rather odd perception of who Jesus is and how the New Testament records his own self-understanding. Jesus, said: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” He looked to no other as the salve for humanity’s ills or a nation’s troubles. He proclaimed his own kingdom as that which transcends any earthly political kingdom. Even more poignant than his quip “render unto Caesar” was his response to Pilate: “You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been granted to you from above.” Let us not try to domesticate Jesus. He gives us no room for His domestication.


  2. the sad part is that he’s been rewarded for the insults. FiveThirtyEight blog showed that as soon as Rubio started insulting, his news coverage increased.


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