*Mourning Lincoln* Wins the Gilder-Lehrman Lincoln Prize

0f5cb-mourninglincolnCongratulations to Martha Hodes.  You can read our Author’s Corner interview with her here.

Here is the announcement published at The New York Times:

Mourning Lincoln,” the historian Martha Hodes’s account of how ordinary Americans lamented (or celebrated) the assassination of the Great Emancipator, has won the Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize, which is awarded annually by Gettysburg College and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. The prize, for “the finest scholarly work in English on Abraham Lincoln, carries a $50,000 cash award.

In the book, which was published by Yale University Press, Ms. Hodes drew on diaries, letters and other writings by ordinary citizens — black and white, Northern and Southern — from the spring and summer of 1865. The prize jury called it “a stunning and enlightening work that underscores the rage that Lincoln’s assassination fueled, the outpouring of grief that resulted, and how the anger and confusion that boiled across the country that summer influenced the failures of Reconstruction.”

Ms. Hodes, a professor at New York University, said in a statement that the “irreconcilable visions” beyond differing responses to the assassination continue to echo in our own time.

“Black freedom, the fate of former Confederates, and the future of the nation were at stake for all Americans, whether they grieved or rejoiced when they heard the news,” she said. “Because the meaning of the Civil War remains unresolved, we continue to ponder Lincoln’s legacies into the 21st century.”