Some Nice Words About What We Do Here


In the last twenty-four hours we have received some nice thoughts from our friends around the web.

Here is Lisa Dioguardi at “Thoughts That Won’d Fit in a Tweet

When someone follows me on twitter, I do them the courtesy of looking at their page to see if I might be interested in following back. Sometimes, I’m truly grateful. Not long ago, historian John Fea followed me, and I followed him because of something in his profile: “trying to bring good historical content to twitter.” There is plenty of historical BS available, because many people decide on what to accept as truth based on which claim supports what they want to believe…

Here is Warren Throckmorton’s post “Will the GOP Support Original Intent?

Lately, I have enjoyed John Fea’s blog more than ever. He has been crushing it when it comes to his posts on the GOP presidential race.

Thanks Lisa and Warren!