Ted Cruz’s “God Game”


Cruz 2

Check out Jonathan Tilove’s article at the Austin American-Statesman.  Tilove has been closely following Ted Cruz and religion very closely during this primary season.

Here is a taste of his piece, “In South Carolina, Cruz needs his God game to match his ground game.”

Cruz’s standard campaign speech is studded with quotes from Scripture and appeals to prayer. He fashions his campaign as benefiting from a new “revival” and “awakening” that is rallying Christian conservatives to his cause, just in time to pull America back from “the abyss.”

He is frequently introduced in ways that suggest that he is God’s anointed candidate.

He finished his day Friday by reciting, as he regularly does, 2 Chronicles 7:14, only this time in the spotlight before 14,000 cheering Christians just before the start of the Winter Jam Christian Concert at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear their prayers from heaven and forgive their sins and I will heal their land.”

“I can’t think of a candidate who has been so bold and so confident in the fact that God is on his side and that he is going to reclaim all these areas of culture as Ted Cruz,” said John Fea, a professor of history at Pennsylvania’s Messiah College. ”He talks with this kind of deep confidence that I think has drawn from his sort of spiritual, religious upbringing and context.”

Read the entire piece here.