A Lesson from the Scalia-Ginsburg Friendship

Scalia Ginsburg

Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg disagreed on just about everything, but they were very good friends.  They would spend New Year’s Eve together.   They took trips together. From all reports they really enjoyed one another’s company.

I am guessing that such a relationship was possible because they realized that life is more than just ideology.  Scalia and Ginsburg knew one another not merely as rival constitutional thinkers, but as human beings.  They were more–much more–than merely the sum of their beliefs.

There is a lesson in there somewhere.

One thought on “A Lesson from the Scalia-Ginsburg Friendship

  1. Not to get partisan about it, but I will anyway. 😉

    Who do you think initiated the friendship, who maintained it, did all the work? I happen to think it’s a pattern. Who is more likely to reach out across the aisle?




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