John Kasich Is Offereing a Message That Evangelical Voters Should Embrace

John Kasich is a breath of fresh air.  He has found his voice in this primary season.

While Cruz and Rubio continue to come across as culture warriors, Kasich is an evangelical Anglican with a message defined by compassion, neighborliness, empathy, and local attachments.  When I heard him give his speech last night I thought about the University of Virginia sociologist James Davison Hunter’s book To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World and his concept of “faithful presence.”

As I have said before, Kasich is using his Christian faith in a subtle way.  It informs his sense of human flourishing and his care for the vulnerable members of the society.  He is pro-life.  He connects job growth to strong families.  Is he nostalgic for a world that we will never get back?  Probably.  But “slowing down”and social “healing” can also be seen as counter-cultural ideas in our society today.

If this guy doesn’t win the evangelical vote going forward the problem is with evangelicalism, not Kasich or his message.

One thought on “John Kasich Is Offereing a Message That Evangelical Voters Should Embrace

  1. I’ve been a Kasich man for decades, and am now, easily the most qualified candidate in either party save Joe Biden, who’s not in [yet].

    But the necessary response to Obamaism’s radical “hope and change” may be an equal and opposite reaction. Obama was no centrist, no gradualist. [He was halted in mid-revolution by the death of Ted Kennedy and loss of a filibuster-proof Senate.]

    Certainly a large swath of the electorate is feeling that. Kasich could be the right man at the wrong time. By the same token, we would not have seen a Trump or Sanders in 2008. Things were not that bad.


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