If You Have Been Enjoying The Way of Improvement Podcast…

podcast-icon1Consider writing a review at the podcast’s ITunes page.

A The Way of Improvement Leads Home Podcast revolution is under way!  (OK–I admit I have been listening too much to Bernie Sanders.  Sorry).

But seriously, if you have enjoyed the episodes we have released thus far, please, please, please consider writing a review.  We are slowly building up an audience and we could really use your help in making that happen.

It appears that Episode 1: “Everything has a History” and Episode 2: “The Culture Wars” are gaining traction.  Yesterday we cracked the top 100 in the “History” category on ITunes.

I am also excited about our yet to be titled Episode 3.  It will focus on presidential politics and our guest will be historian/journalist Yoni Appelbaum, Senior Editor for politics and Washington Bureau Chief at The Atlantic.  Stay tuned.