Francis Beckwith: Falwell and Jeffress Have “Set Aside Their Critical Faculties” in Supporting Trump

Trump and FalwellHere is a taste of Francis Beckwith’s commentary at Catholic Thing about the two conservative evangelicals who recently endorsed Donald Trump.  Beckwith teaches philosophy at Baylor University:

Trump has tapped into an anger that is very real in America. It arises from a frustration that our elected officials have largely abandoned the working class for the adulation of corporate America and elite culture. Thus, it is unsurprising that Trump on his website offers positions on only five issues: U.S. China Trade Reform, Veterans Administration Reforms, Tax Reform, Second Amendment Rights, and Immigration Reform. If you wanted to cast as wide a net as possible to capture the hearts and minds of the working class, Trump’s list is a stroke of marketing genius.

This explains the support of Falwell and Jeffress, both of whom have seemed to set aside their critical faculties in their assessment of Trump. For these are men who – reared on the cadence emanating from those old sawdust revivals – are suckers for good preaching that can move the pilgrim from his mercy seat.

And Trump is a damn good preacher. So much so that many evangelicals don’t seem to notice the un-Christian personal insults, slurs, arrogance, mendacity, and incoherence. Which just goes to show you that not only is a sucker born every minute; sometimes he’s born again.