The Brendan Pietsch “Acknowledgments” Post Goes Viral

PietschEven Inside Higher Ed is talking about the acknowledgments section in Brendan Pietsch’s Dispensational Modernism.  The website has devoted an entire article to our post.  Here is a taste of Scott Jaschik’s report:

John Fea, chair of history at Messiah College, was browsing in the book exhibit at the American Historical Association’s annual meeting this weekend when he happened upon an acknowledgments section that he had to share. We thank him for the tip because it certainly is different from the acknowledgments we have typically skimmed over.

You can see the acknowledgments in full in the illustration above.

Inside Higher Ed reached out to Brendan Pietsch, the author of the acknowledgments and of the book where they appear,Dispensational Modernism, published in July by Oxford University Press.

Via email, he said that Fea’s blog post has turned out to be good publicity for the book. “I’m a bit surprised anyone noticed, and the recent attention to a book that has previously had about nine readers has been a little crazy.”

So why did he write the acknowledgments in his book?

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