AHA 2016 Fashions

ProfessorIn case you have not seen it, Vanessa Holden has written a great post on the fashion choices made by the historians attending the annual meeting of the American Historical Association in Atlanta.

She identifies four styles:

  1.  The Classics
  2. The Job Candidate
  3. Department Diva/Department Don
  4. Dandies and Femmes

Here is her description of the “Classics”:

These historians are established. They have tenure. They have book(s) featured in the Exhibit Hall. They sit on committees. The adjective that best describes this most prevalent set: comfortable. The masculine dresser will undoubtedly wear slightly oversized trousers with light wrinkles from multiple days of wear, a solid button down shirt, a lamb’s wool V-neck sweater or a blazer in a solid color, black or brown trouser socks (though white athletic socks aren’t out of the question), and black or brown slip-on shoes like loafers, New Balance sneakers in a solid color, or boat shoes. The feminine dresser also has a recognizable aesthetic. They’re wearing a draped top that gestures towards Eileen Fisher’s fashions, leggings or black trousers, and sensible shoes. This look has carried many an academic through an entire career of AHA meetings. 

Read the whole post at AHA Today