Rubio’s Appeal to Iowa Evangelicals

I wish I had more time to write on this, but we are about to launch our coverage from the annual meeting of the American Historical Association in Atlanta and I just don’t think I will get to write something larger than a quick post.

Have you seen this:

As most of my readers know, I am an evangelical Christian.  I thus believe just about everything Rubio says in this video.

But this video represents everything that is wrong about the political union between American evangelicalism and the Republican Party.

I can’t think of another presidential campaign ad that operates solely as a personal testimony of a candidate’s religious faith.  (Please tell me if I have missed one since the age of television began).  There is not a single policy mentioned in this video.  It a blatant attempt by Rubio to use his faith to win political points in Iowa.  And it will probably work.

I appreciate that Rubio wants to store up his treasures in heaven, but how does this influence his views on immigration, foreign policy, the economy, etc… ?  He is running for President of the United States, not Pastor of the United States.

It is a shame that Christian faith has now become subservient to politics in this way.


2 thoughts on “Rubio’s Appeal to Iowa Evangelicals

  1. I think that last statement is profound. “It is a shame that Christian faith has now become subservient to politics in this way.” I believe you can take that sentence and apply it to what is happening at Wheaton College.
    There’s a joke about religion and politics.
    Religion is like ice cream and politics is like horse s***. You can mix the two and the horse s*** will still be horse s***, but the ice cream will be ruined.
    Evangelical Christianity is being ruined by politics.


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