Attention Christian Colleges: Larycia Hawkins May Be on the Job Market

hawkinsWhen Larycia Hawkins put on a hijab and said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, Wheaton College Provost Stanton Jones had some “concerns.”  He asked the political science professor to address them. Hawkins responded with a “theological statement.”  She has now posted that statement on her website.  You can read it here.

Hawkins’s statement is solidly within the theological parameters of evangelical Christianity and Wheaton College’s statement of faith.  I am now more baffled than ever as to why she is being terminated.

On the matter of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God, Hawkins quotes Miroslav Volf, Scot McKnight, Timothy George, and John Stackhouse.

Scot McKnight is one of evangelicalism’s foremost New Testament scholars. (Full disclosure:  He taught me Greek in the summer of 1989 at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).

Timothy George is a “life advisory trustee” of Wheaton College and a “theological advisor” for the evangelical magazine Christianity Today.

John Stackhouse is a Wheaton graduate.

I am beginning to think Hawkins is being fired for reasons other than her theology.

If she is being fired for what she wrote in her theological statement that I linked to above, then no one at Wheaton College is safe.