On the Importance of the Stamp Act Crisis

Stampe Act RepealThe new issue of Common-Place is here and it is featuring a very informative forum on the 250th anniversary of the Stamp Act.  The forum features Danielle Skeehan, Benjamin Carp, Molly Perry, William Huntting Howell, and Eliga Gould.

Here is the introduction to the forum:

Ask the Author typically features an interview with the author of a newly published work. However, because this fall marks the 250th anniversary of the protests against the Stamp Act in Britain’s North American colonies, we would like to do something a little different. Rather than profile a new book, we offer instead a reexamination of a classic work: The Stamp Act Crisis: Prologue to Revolution, by Edmund S. and Helen M. Morgan, first published in 1953. Ask the Author invited a group of distinguished scholars of Revolutionary America to participate in a forum on the continuing importance of The Stamp Act Crisis and where study of the Stamp Act crisis may move in the future.