Gilder-Lehrman Institute Announces Spring 2016 On-Line Graduate Courses

Last night we wrapped up my Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History online graduate course on Colonial North America.  The students and the producers of the course are telling me that it went well, but without regular face-to-face interaction with students it is hard for me to evaluate the success (or lack thereof) of the whole experience.  Having said that, I really enjoyed teaching the course.

As I told the students last night, I want to thank Gilder-Lehrman producers Lance Warren and Hannah Ayers for guiding me through the entire process.  It has been a pleasure getting to know them over the course of this semester and I really appreciate the invitation to teach this course.  Although we never had a chance to connect during the semester, I want to thank Kathy White for conducting the pedagogy sessions that went along with the course.  Aaron Bell and Wayne Kantz did the yeoman’s work of grading the weekly papers that we assigned.  I appreciate their willingness to take on what I imagine was a tedious (but hopefully rewarding) job.

With the Fall 2015 courses coming to an end, Gilder-Lehrman has now opened registration for its Spring courses.  It looks like a great lineup:

Click here to learn more about the Gilder-Lehrman/Adams State University M.A. program and how to register for Spring courses.