I Like the Red Starbucks’ Cups

I just started drinking coffee about two years ago.  I like my coffee with a lot of cream and sugar. When I order coffee I am basically looking for the taste of coffee ice cream with a shot of caffeine.  I have never liked Starbucks coffee.  It is too strong for me and the baristas never leave enough space for the cream.

It appears that Starbucks is now the latest company to be complicit in the so-called “war on Christmas.”  Starbucks has rolled out new holiday cups that are red, white, and green.  Wait–aren’t these Christmas colors?  Frankly, I really like the new design, although it is unlikely I will be drinking much Starbucks this holiday season for the reasons stated above.

This whole hullabaloo was started by a guy named Joshua Fuerestein who calls himself a “pastor” and “social media personality.”  Here he is on CNN:

On one level this video is hilarious (Is Fuerestein really unable to hear the other guy?).  On another level it is very sad.  Shame on CNN and other media outlets that are covering this story in a serious way.  This is just another example of the shallow culture-war shouting matches that pass for serious dialogue in our culture today.

For those of you who want to think seriously about the role of Starbucks in American culture check out Bryant Simon’s Everything but the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks.

And here is my irreverent take on coffee in church.