Who Suffered the Most From Today’s Clinton-Benghazi Hearings?

A woman has not been grilled by members of a government committee in this fashion since the 1630s when Anne Hutchinson sat before John Winthrop and the Massachusetts clergy to defend her supposedly unorthodox religious beliefs.
Hillary Clinton suffered today at the hands of this brutal interrogation, so did the American people who had to watch this mess, but Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s opponent in the 2016 Democratic presidential race, suffered more.

Sanders, of course, had nothing to do with these hearings.  But I am guessing the Sanders camp became more and more stressed as each hour passed by.

Many Democrats saw their presidential nominee today. There is a long way to go to until the first primaries, and this whole e-mail situation is not over, but Clinton went a long way toward solidifying her position as the eventual nominee. She came across as smart, strong, and, frankly, presidential. The GOP questions were so bad and hostile that Clinton could not help but come across this way.
Is Hillary covering something up?  Is she telling the whole truth?  Was she fudging?  I don’t know. But as long as the e-mails are off the table for the Sanders campaign, the Vermont senator doesn’t have much a shot.  Clinton had a big political win today (and tonight). This television hearing was an eleven-hour political advertisement and did not cost Hillary’s campaign a cent.