The New *Early American Studies* is Here

Volume 13:4, Fall 2015  Table of Contents:

Public Sales and Public Values in Eighteenth-Century North America
Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor 

‘‘Getting into a Little Business’’: Margaret Hill Morris and Women’s Medical Entrepreneurship during the American Revolution
Susan Brandt

Agents at Home: Wives, Lawyers, and Financial Competence in Eighteenth-Century New England Port Cities
Sara T. Damiano 

‘‘For Lucre of Gain and in Contempt of the Laws’’: Itinerant Traders and the Politics of Mobility in the Eighteenth-Century Mid-AtlanticRobert J. Gamble

Merchant and Plebeian Commercial Knowledge in Montreal and Quebec, 1760–1820Nancy Christie

Building and Outfitting Ships in Colonial BostonSteven J. J. Pitt

Maritime Labor, Economic Regulation, and the Spoils of Atlantic Commerce in Early PhiladelphiaSimon Finger

‘‘By Measures Taken of Men’’: Clothing the Classes in William Carlin’s Alexandria, 1763–1782
Katherine Egner Gruber