Society of Early Americanists Junior Scholars’ Caucus

From the website of the Society of Early Americanists:

The Society of Early Americanists’ Executive Committee is delighted to announce that we are launching a Junior Scholars’ Caucus. Any student or any scholar within three years of receipt of a Ph.D. and a member of the SEA is welcome to join.
The Junior Scholars’ Caucus will be focused on providing opportunities for networking and professional guidance for students as well as those who have recently entered the profession. There will be two Chairs who serve staggered two-year terms, with one ending in an even-numbered year and the other in an odd-numbered year. Our hope is that going forward the Caucus’s members will elect their leaders, but to launch the caucus we have appointed the first two chairs: Melissa Antonucci from the University of Tulsa, who will serve a term expiring in March 2017, and Kirsten Iden from Auburn University, who will serve a term expiring in March 2018. The main tasks of the Chairs will be to organize a social event at every biennial conference (with some funding assistance from the SEA), to organize one panel on a topic of their choosing at the biennial, and to provide opportunities, both informal and formal, for mentorship by more senior scholars. They will also organize the election of their successors at least two months before their terms expire.
The Caucus will also have at least one faculty mentor who will serve a term of three years. Typically the faculty mentor(s) will be selected by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Caucus Co-Chairs. The task of the Faculty Mentor(s) will be to guide and assist the caucus’s chairs and members, for example by addressing questions on professionalization and helping them match junior scholars with potential mentors in the field. He, she, or they will also help to keep lines of communication open between the Caucus and the Executive Committee. One of the Society’s former presidents, Professor Dennis Moore of Florida State University, has graciously agreed to serve as the founding Caucus Mentor, with a term expiring in March 2018. Once the caucus is fully formed, the members may invite a second or third mentor to join Prof. Moore in this work.
The Executive Committee would like to express its thanks to Melissa, Kirsten, and Dennis for agreeing to serve in these new roles.
Their first task will be to compile a list of those SEA members interested in joining the caucus. If you are a student or are within 3 years of receipt of your doctorate, you are an SEA member,  and you would like to join, would you please email Melissa and Kirsten? If you attended the opening lunch for junior scholars at the joint SEA-Omohundro conference in Chicago and wrote your email on the paper we passed around, you are already on the list.
Melissa Antonucci:
Kirsten Iden:
All best wishes to the Junior Scholars’ Caucus organizers, and thank you again for your service to the Society of Early Americanists!
Laura Stevens, President
Gordon Sayre, Vice President
Patrick Erben, Executive Coordinator