Who are the #Twitterstorians?

Jason Kelly of IUPUI’s Arts and Humanities Institute has assembled a list of #twitterstorians. Here is a taste of his introduction to the list:

Back in 2007, Katrina Gulliver created the #twitterstorians hashtag. After I joined Twitter, I remember checking her blog regularly to see the growing list of historians on Twitter. With the explosion of users over the past several years, the ability to keep track of all the #twitterstorians has become impossible. There is no longer a running list. So, when new historians show up on Twitter, they have to figure out for themselves who they should follow. This is not necessarily a problem. With more individuals on Twitter, they have more people from whom to seek advice and more hashtags to help direct their focus (e.g. #publichistory, #histsci, #histmed, #dhist, #envhist, #digitalhistory). Plus, there’s some really good guides andanalysis to help newbies find their way.
Still, there is something really fantastic about a list to consult. So, I’ve decided to put one together. There is no way for me to make it comprehensive. Because of this, I decided to compile my list by metrics. Using the Brand24 package, I looked for #twitterstorians who were both active and whose posts reached a relatively large audience.