Connect With Us Through Our Fall 2015 Membership Drive

As my regular readers know, we occasionally do “membership drives” here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home.  This is the time when we blatantly self-promote what we are doing at the blog and ask you to connect with us..  Perhaps some of you have enjoyed a “Virtual Office Hours” or an “Author’s Corner.”  Or maybe you are regular reader of “Sunday Night Odds and Ends” or have benefited from our “What Can You Do With a History Major?” series.  Some of you may be daily readers who are entertained and informed by what we do here on a daily basis.  We need your support!

It takes time to produce the daily content at the blog, and thus far I have resisted a few offers to bring the blog to other websites/hosts because I think it is important, at least for now, to keep the The Way of Improvement Leads Home independent. I  have also decided not to put ads on the blog.  So if you have benefited from what we are doing here we encourage you to consider connecting with us and telling your like-minded friends about us as we try to build our audience.

As we enter the winter season, let me remind you of several ways that you can connect with The Way of Improvement Leads Home.  

  • If you have a blog or website consider linking to us, placing The Way of Improvement Leads Home on your blogroll, or doing a post one of our posts that you find helpful.
  • Follow me at Twitter: @johnfea1.  I have been using Twitter much more this year as a way to promote our content. And please encourage your friends to follow us!
  • Are you a former history major doing something exciting with your degree? Have you transferred the skills you have used as a history major to a non-history related job? If so, we want to hear from you! Consider contributing something to our well-received “So What CAN You Do With a History Major Series.” Please contact me if you fit the bill.
  • We are always looking for correspondents to report from major historical conferences such as the AHA, the OAH, the AAR, the Omohundro Institute, ASCH, SHEAR, and others. If interested, please get in touch.
  • We are trying do something different here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home. We want to bridge the gap between academic American history/religious history and the general public.  Consider a speaking engagement at your college, organization, historical site, church, public library, etc…  Do you have an idea for a seminar at your church or a teacher-training session at your school, or a session or two on how to integrate faith and the teaching of history, or a historical tour, or something else related to American history?  If so, let us know and we would be more than willing to brainstorm with you and try to make it happen. Check out the “Speaking” tab for ideas. 
  • Do you have any suggestions for how we might improve The Way of Improvement Leads Home?  What kinds of things would you like to see at the blog?  Are we doing anything particularly well?  Drop me a note at jfea(at)Messiah(dot)edu
  • Are you a publisher or a publicity agent for a publisher and have a book that you would like reviewed?  If so, feel free to contact me and we will see what we can do about doing a review or a note.

Thanks for reading!