The Pope is Catholic

This morning Fox News is running my piece “Pope Francis is Neither Liberal Nor Conservative, A Democract or a Republican.  He is a Catholic.” 

Those of you who read The Way of Improvement Leads Home closely have read many of the ideas in this piece in various posts and tweets throughout the past week.

Here is a taste:

It was all so surreal.
Thursday a Catholic Pope entered the chamber of the House of Representatives and gave a speech to a joint meeting of Congress urging those in attendance to apply Catholic social teaching to the affairs of the nation.
For most 18th and 19th century Americans the prospect of a person landing on the moon would have been more believable.
And not only did the pope speak, but he was flanked by a Vice-President and Speaker of the House who shared his faith. The presence of Joe Biden and John Boehner proves that the United States has come a long way in accepting Catholics.
The historical irony cannot be overlooked.  Think, for example, about the first Vice-President to occupy Biden’s chair in the House.  John Adams, the son of New England Puritans, was no fan of Catholics, especially Jesuits, the order of Pope Francis.  In 1814, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson, Adams wrote, “If ever any Congregation of Men could merit, eternal Perdition on Earth and Hell…it is the company of Loyola.”
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6 thoughts on “The Pope is Catholic

  1. If the pope believes that abortion is a sin, would be give Communion to someone who steadfastly supports abortion – even late term abortion?


  2. Exactly. Rerum Novarum isn't wrong, but it sorely needs an update where it no longer applies. The “Rights and Duties of Capital and Labor” have not changed since the Industrial Revolution, but their relationship has, esp in the Western world.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that “the Chair of St. Peter is not a chair in economics,” and a pope is neither infallible on the subject or even necessarily coherent.


  3. Ed,

    I wouldn't doubt that he was influenced somewhat my Argentine social discourse and other local influences, but to me, he seems far more fundamentally influenced by good old Catholic Social teaching as developed and affirmed especially by the 19th century Church.


  4. Good piece. As an independent Catholic voter I find both major political parties disappointing. Today I heard a GOP politician saying that Republicans need to focus on winning the presidency if they want to defund Planned Parenthood. If you want me to buy that you need to show me some surveys regarding this issue. Public funding of PP seems pretty unpopular at the moment. If the Obama and the Democrats want to shut down the government over it, it seems to me it's their loss. If I were a cynic I'd say the politicians are using the issue (and abortion victims) to raise funds.


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