History Assignments That Work

I just came across “History Assignments That Work,” a new blog for history professors to share assignments that have worked successfully in the classroom.  Amanda Seligman of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Laura Milsk Fowler of Southern Illinois University are asking for fellow historians to contribute to the blog.  Here is a taste of the “How to Contribute” page:

The editors invite contributions from instructors who have used a successful assignment in a community college, public or private 4-year college, or public or private university. Submissions are welcome from a broad range of courses, including traditional face-to-face, online, digital projects, and public history assignments.
Contributions should include both the text of the assignment and a narrative(maximum 750 words) describing what it is, how it fits into the class, why it works, and any shortcomings or ideas that need further development.
Learn more about how to contribute here.

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