Born to Run: The Picture Book

You can put this book on the shelf next to Springsteen’s Outlaw Pete.

Here is a description from Backstreets:

A picture book for all ages, inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen. Written by Wendy Parnell and illustrated by Matt Hall. Signed by the author especially for Backstreets

Johnny 99 has been caught racing in the street — again. Now he’s in trouble with his dad — again. Wanting to assert his independence and in hopes of finding adventure, Johnny 99 leaves his hometown to travel across the country. He returns home a changed car.

Familiarity with Bruce Springsteen’s music is not a requirement for the enjoyment of this book; its themes of independence, adventure, redemption, love and family are largely universal. But for those who are Springsteen fans, there are easter eggs galore, with 99 references to his work — including with dad Frankie, a ’57 Chevy, and mom Rosalita, a pink Cadillac, who live with Johnny on Flamingo Lane.

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