*The New York Times* Review of *Born to Run*

In honor of the 40th anniversary of “Born to Run” I want to call your attention to John Rockwell’s review of the album from the August 29, 1975 issue of the The New York Times.

Here are some of the best lines from the review:

  • “Bruce Springsteen’s third album ‘Born to Run’ should be in the record stores about now, and it should be all he needs to push him over the top.”
  • “The range is as wide as either of the earlier albums, from poignancy to street-strutting cockiness to punk poetry to quasi-Broadway to surging rock anthems…but all of it is solidly rock ‘n’ roll”
  • “Mr. Springsteen’s gifts are so powerful and so diverse that it’s difficult to even to try to describe them in a short space.”
  • “And Mr. Springsteen’s themes perfectly summarize the rock experience, full of cars and love, street macho and desperate aspiration.”
  • “The only nagging question is how this new record is going to sound out in the heartland, where people may have never heard of Bruce Springsteen, or, worse, may think of him as some over-hyped Easterner.”
Happy birthday, “Born to Run”