2 thoughts on “Song of the Day

  1. Must be so weird not gearing up for the fall semester. You still owe us that book on the Calvinists, bro. The story remains largely untold.


    [The reviewer, Michael McConnell, was a heavyweight on the 10th Circuit, now a prof at Stanford. Serious cat.]

    Beza offered a theory of inalienable rights, such as free exercise of religion, freedom to educate one's children, freedom to emigrate, freedom of speech and petition, property, and family, ingeniously derived from the Ten Commandments and based on the idea that individuals must necessarily have the rights necessary to carry out prescribed duties to God and our neighbor. Locke, by contrast, had a very thin notion of inalienable rights, basing his limitations on government power mostly on the idea that individuals retain those rights not necessary to the preservation of property and public order.

    Calvin's friend, biographer and successor Theodore Beza is the key. 😉


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