New Books Series on Jacksonian America

Do you have a manuscript on Jacksonian America sitting around?  Mark Cheathem wants to see it:

Beth Salerno and I are co-editing a new book series at Vanderbilt University Press (VUP). Entitled New Perspectives on Jacksonian America, the series will examine the period from 1812-1861, which generally spans the decades when Andrew Jackson was a significant figure in life and death. The chronological definition of the series recognizes the importance of the War of 1812 in elevating Jackson to national prominence and his continued importance, even after his death in 1845, to United States politics and society in the years leading up to the Civil War. This series will consider any manuscript that addresses the Jacksonian period and its place in shaping the United States during these decades.
Our current advisory board consists of:
John Belohlavek, University of South Florida
Andrew Frank, Florida State University
Lorri Glover, Saint Louis University
Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia
Kirsten E. Wood, Florida International University
You can find submission guidelines at the VUP site. Proposals can be sent tomeBeth Salerno, or VUP Acquisitions Editor Eli Bortz.

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