The "Author’s Corner" Takes a Vacation

One of our most popular features here at The Way of Improvement Leads Home is our twice-weekly “Author’s Corner” posts.  I regularly receive e-mails and messages from graduate students, history buffs, and academic historians who have benefited from these short interviews with the authors of new and forthcoming books.

As you can imagine, the Author’s Corner series takes a lot of time to produce.  We need to choose books, contact authors, edit responses, and format posts for the blog.

It is thus time for a brief vacation.

We will be back with more interviews in August.  Stay tuned!

And as long as we are at it, here is out schedule for the rest of the summer:

July 27-August 2:  The Way of Improvement Leads Home will be on the road in Princeton

August 3-10:  We will be closing down shop for the week.

August 11:  Back to blogging as usual.