Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Grant Wacker reckons with the past

A historian writes about Brian Williams’s memory

David Swartz weighs in on Brantley Gasaway’s Progressive Evangelicals and the Pursuit of Social Justice

Academics doing social media

Slavery and Catholicism

The future of Catholic higher education

Danielle Allen reviews George Kateb, Lincoln’s Political Thought

Billy Martin and Pedro Martinez

Is history in the eye of the beholder?

Black film history

Philip Jenkins reminds of us some historian’s fallacies.

The atomization of American culture

Does America lack hope?

Hathi Trust’s new humanities database

Blight, Burns, Goodheart, and Malanowski bring Disunion to an end

The risks of public scholarship

Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, and race in the Cold War era

The Octo